Cimarron Hotel

MLS #:
Listing Type: For Sale
Property Type: Multi-use
Price: $385,000
Location: 203 N Main
Kansas 67835
Style: Second Empire
Year Built: 1886
Half Bathrooms: 1
Lot Size (acres): 18900
Size (square feet): 9,120
Condition: Move in ready
Additional Out Buildings: Gazebo
Submission Date: 08-27-2013
Last Update: 08-29-2013
Agent Details: Kathleen Holt
Company Name:
Phone Number: 614-827-1181
Cell Number:
 A three-story hotel built in 1886, this building was integral in Dodge City's Wild West days and has a lot of stories to tell. Over the years the building has been occupied continuosly including a family restaurant, a bed and breakfast and owner's residence. See more information at

Photo Gallery

Bailey Painting
This recently completed painting by Alan Bailey recreates what the hotel might have looked like in its early days.

This current photo shows the hotel's lobby as it exists today.

This exterior view of the hotel depicts the changing appearance of the building throughout the seasons.

East Face
This photo of the east face of the hotel gives a good view of the hotel's front entrance.

Exterior SE corner
This view of the hotel from the southeast shows the building's stature and surroundings.

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