Historic Greystone Manor c.1831

MLS #: WA9946362
Listing Type: For Sale
Property Type: Residential
Price: $305,000
Location: 1088 Bramly Drive
Maryland 21742
Style: Neoclassical
Year Built: 1831
Half Bathrooms: 1
Lot Size (acres): 1.88
Size (square feet): 6
Condition: Move in ready
Additional Out Buildings:
Submission Date: 05-18-2017
Last Update: 10-16-2017
Agent Details: Gary Gestson
Company Name: Historic Home Team - Long & Foster Real Estate
Phone Number: 866-437-8766
Fax: 888-428-9737
Cell Number: 301-646-0046
Historic Greystone Manor c.1831 is a 6,300SF+ partial stone manse on nearly 2 acres with an in-ground pool, private back yard with woods, 5+ bedrooms - including 2 suites, a grand living room & spacious recreation room (attached converted carriage house), an over-sized 2 car garage and more. A unique blend of historic detailing and modern amenities, this beautifully restored home features original wood floors, an Italian marble mantel, 2 staircases, including a curved main staircase, numerous porches and a large kitchen with a 5 burner gas cook top.  This is a home of rare and beautiful distinction, close to schools, shopping & entertainment, and near to DC & Baltimore, yet a world away.


History of Greystone Manor

Two main rooms were built in 1830. What is now the dining room was the family’s private quarters. The other room (the public room) is now the kitchen, laundry room and office. This is where guests were entertained and food was prepared. The large cooking fireplace was located from the book shelves in the office over to the shelves in the laundry room. Later on, the fireplace was turned around and became the fireplace on the outside porch and later the porch was enclosed to create the "carriage house" (a large open room which is used for large family gatherings and as a recreation room).  The same chimney was used for all (hence the extra wide chimney).

There was a fireplace in the family's private quarters as well. When the foyer was added (to join to another building) the fireplace became an incinerator. Again, another wide chimney. The other building, what is now the living room, was built about the same time. There is a fireplace in this room also, most likely used to initially heat that structure. Since then, the fireplace has been improved by adding an Italian marble fireplace. The land belonged to William Thomas Hamilton (former governor of Maryland) and was his farm. It is believed that the two separate buildings were inhabited by the families that managed the farm. Hamilton's land extended from Pennsylvania Avenue (now Rte. 11) west to the railroad tracks; and from north to south almost to Greencastle, PA.

The house was initially facing the opposite direction. This is evidenced by the larger transom over the back door. Also, at the time the houses were built, Haven Road was the only access road. This adds credence to the theory that the back of the house was initially the front. The house was “turned around” when the second floor was added and the front porch built. There is now an access road (Bramly Drive) which winds around to the new house front.
There is some question about the basement under the "carriage house". The mortar and the steep steps point to it being erected at the same time as the main house. It is speculated that it may have been used as a root cellar or an actual carriage house. The steep steps located in the back of the house and the fact that it is a story and a half rather than two stories indicate that section was the first upper floor to be added.

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