Historic Home Association Building and Development Parcel - For Lease

MLS #:
Listing Type: Rental
Property Type: Commercial
Price: Contact agent for price
Location: 1203 East 22nd Avenue
Florida 33602
Style: Colonial Revival
Year Built: 1924
Half Bathrooms:
Lot Size (acres): 4.7
Size (square feet): 38
Condition: Project - needs work
Additional Out Buildings:
Submission Date: 10-19-2017
Last Update: --
Agent Details: Stephanie Ferrell
Company Name: SabreRose II, LLC
Phone Number: 8133189100
Cell Number: 8133904266
Owned by the not-for-profit Home Association, Inc., this 4.7 acre property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and currently in use as a 96-bed Skilled Nursing Facility. On the south end of the property is the historic ‘Old Peoples’ Home’ building. • Extended (99 year +) lease available • Primary objective of the not-for-profit owner is ‘preservation of the historic building’. • While currently occupied, prospective tenants should anticipate that significant rehabilitation of the building will be required. • Available January 1, 2019, providing ample lead time for planning, design and acquiring regulatory approvals • Deed restriction mandates that grounds be maintained as a ‘park-like’ setting. • Beautiful, heavily wooded site with a number of City of Tampa designated Grand Trees. • Currently leased to a not-for-profit organization operating a 96 bed skilled nursing facility • Locally Designated Historic Landmark. • Currently zoned Panned Development (PD); site plan controlled. • Building rehabilitation must be in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and comply with City of Tampa Architectural Review Commission guidelines.

Photo Gallery

Main Lobby
This area serves as a gathering place for Home Association residents and guests.

Typical Corridor
Corridors are wide with high ceilings.

Front porch
The wide front porch is original to the building.

Home Association Building and grounds in the evening
The Home Association Building sits on 4.7 acre site in a parklike setting.

Aerial view of site
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this historic building is located along the southern boundary of its 4.7 acre site, with ample room for compatible new construction.

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